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to the Offenberg family genealogy site.
The genealogy of the Offenbergs on this site goes back to the Nobel Offenbergs from Dornick and Praest (now Emmerich) in Germany. On this website currently the majority of the descendants are of Wilhelmus Offenberg (b 1745) who moved to the Netherlands around 1780. Hopefully more Offenberg tribes will be found and added.

  t'Huys den Offenberg, by Jan de Beijer in 1745

Where are the Offenberg's ?

About 1780 Wilhelmus Offenberg born in Wehl Germany, married Maria Overkamp born in Steenderen Netherlands.
It seems that the couple lived there until his death in 1840. All their children were born in Steenderen.
Wilhelmus is the common ancestor of the Dutch tribe of Offenberg's.
Their son Theodorus (born 1785) moved to Brummen after his marriage, and later to Heino Overijssel.
Seems that all their children moved with them and all of them died there, except Antonius who went back to Steenderen after his marriage.

Munster, germany
There was also a son of Willem Offenberg born 1640 (Great grandfather of Wilhelmus) who had a son Anton who married Anna Korkweg and moved to Munster Germany.
The couple had several children and all of them were born in Munster.
Anton is the common ancestor of the Munster Tribe of Offenberg's.

Then there is also mention of Offenberg from Letland that visited Praest in 1830 and he mentioned that his ancestors had sold the estate Offenberg around 1554 for a large sum of money.

Then there is Jean Lambert Offenberg born 1815 who married Jeanette Smeesters from Belgium, and moved there.
The couple had a daughter Josephine Marie jeane and moved to San Francisco, USA were Josephine married Richard Baccus.

There were also Offenbergs in Norway as early as around 1780, but I was unable to verify their origins. A lot of their firstnames though are similar to those used by the Praester Offenbergs.

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